Hydromaz Water Treatment System

Product Code: Hydromaz Water Treatment System

Our Technology

Gold Award Winner of International Invent Fairs hosted at Hong Kong, is applying pure physics technology to recondition water quality to treat water system: USE WATER TO TREAT WATER SYSTEM
  1. Our system generates low-voltage and high-frequency wave, remove electric bond in the macro water molecule. Thus, the ions of active oxygen are separating from the ions of hydrogen, in the water. The active oxygen ions are released and the active hydrogen ions are settled under water for a relatively long period of time. As a result, the oxidation potential of the water is continuously be lowering and the original macro-molecule water body is changed into micro-molecule water Micro-molecule water has very strong ability on penetrate, dissolve and cleaning characteristic. It continue penetrate to all part of water system, dissolve the long accumulated scales, slime, rust in the pipe lines. The dissolve scales, rust and slime are then follows the water flows, which will be attracted and stick on to our electrode.
  2. Through continuous process of Scale Dissolution and Scale Attraction, Hydromaz reduce hardness of the water body and remove foreign bodies such as scale deposit, rust, fungus and algae inside the pipe.
  3. In this way, the effect of “treating water by the water itself” is performed.
  • Saving Power Consumption more than 7%
  • Improve Cooling Effect from 5% to 50%
  • Improve Heat Exchanger efficiency up to 50%
  • Extended and longer equipment lifespan
  • Cost Saving on Chemical Adding
  • Cost Saving on Annual Flashing and its process downtime
  • Cost Saving on Down Time for equipment due to tripping
  • Environmental Friendly


Comparison of Hydromaz with Conventional Chemical Water Treatment

Hydromaz Chemical treatment
Permanent Solution – No Rust, No Scales after installation Pipe line will be accumulated with scales again soon after chemical adding , need regular monitor of dosage level
Prevention of corrosion by removing rust and scales Chemical is corrosive, will cause metal pipe line corrosion and shorthand pipe and equipment lifespan
Don’t require water change often
Water change is requiring very often (every 2 weeks etc.)
Right amount of chemical is important for its effectiveness, over dosage will require change of water
Eliminate bacteria and prevent algae growth Cannot stop algae effectively, need to clean the system often
Contribute to electricity saving by 5%-10% or more, depending on existing scales condition Cannot control water quality,need to add additional capacity when effectiveness of heat exchanger cannot achieve, causing much higher electricity cost
Effective reduce equipment down time due to consistence water pressure and water temperatures by removing hard scales from pipe Right amount of chemical just to prevent new scales building but do not eliminate hard scales at pipe, Old equipment often tripping despite regular chemical adding
Environmental friendly. Does not harm environment when discharge the water Water contains high level of chemical, will affect to environment when discharge to drain


Model Selection

Model No Size / mm Weight Electrode Suitable Water Capacity
SS 10 200x450x500 25 KG 1 x D1 10000 LITRE
SS 20 665x460x380 50 KG 1 x D2 20000 LITRE
SS 50 965x460x380 75 KG 2 x D2 50000 LITRE
SS 150 1315x530x450 105 KG 3 x D2 150000 LITRE
SS 300 680x530x450 175 KG 6 x D2 300000 LITRE
Other       As per customer


Installation Diagram