Vision of Company
In line with Global Green Policy, our vision is to build better environment for all, by cutting down industrial waste. We shall be the most specialize company in Asia by providing completeness of facilities and knowledge, to meet all types of Oil Recycling and Water Treatment System requirement. Our core business should focus on helping customer to save cost, by extending their oil life span and cutting down machine maintenance expenses.

Mission of Company
One Stop Center for oil maintenance
Our mission is to continue research and incorporate new technologies, we shall continue to build and develop our strength into
a) purification;
b) analysis;
c) quality replenish to cater for varies type of oil and water.
These enable us to provide complete services to fulfill all customer needs relating to oil and water maintenance.

Core Value
We believe in people strength and will continue to build and train a strong team that will make us ahead from the rest. We should ensure continuous improvement in terms of technology and knowledge which is always our corporate culture.