Centrifugal Oil Cleaner (Pressure Driven)

Product Code: Centrifugal Oil Cleaner (Pressure Driven)

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner Working Principle

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner operates on the reaction turbine principle. Oil enters the Centrifuge under pressure and passes into the rotor through hollow rotor shaft. The oil pressure and flow is converted in rotational energy as the oil pressure and flow is converted in rotational energy as the oil escapes through the jets, producing speed uo to 7000 RPM & above. The resultant Contrifugal force removes dirt from he engine oil depositing it on the inner wall of rotor in dense cake form. Clean oil drains back directly to the engine oil sump by gravity.
  • No consumable cost
  • No filter element
  • Finest cleaning up to 1µ
  • Increase product quality
  • Increase engine and tools life span
  • Extend interval of change filter
  • Reduce machine down time




For Industrial Oil Cleaning For Diesel Engine Application
Wire Drawing Oil DG Sets
Cold Forming, Forging Oil Trucks and Buses
Furnace Oil, Quenching Oil Marine Engines
Honing, Reaming, Grinding Oil Locomotives
Gear boxes, Rolling Mills, Cement Mills Compressors
Gear Oil, Transmission Oil Earth Moving Equipments
Hydraulic Oil, Compressor Oil Drilling Rings
Test Bed Oil, Straight Cutting Oil.  


For Engine Application

Increased Engine Life, Improved Engine Performance
Centrifugal Oil Cleaner removes very fine dirt from Lube Oil up to 1 and below. Present engine filtration system (including super by-pass filter) cannot remove such fine particles. With clean lube oil, Engine wear & tear is substantially reduced, particularly of the tight clearance components like Piston Tings and Liners, Camshafts and Bearings, Turbo Charger, Gear Trains etc. Effective removal of Carbon soot prevents Ring Sticking and Clogging of oil passages Improving engine performance.

Model Selection for Engine

Centrifuge Model Nominal Flow Rate Dirt Holding Capacity Engine Oil Sump Capacity Engine Models
SCC 020 200 LPH 0.2 kg 20 Ltrs Tata, Leyland, Eicher, Trucks, Buses, LCVs, JCB, Forklifts
SCC 025 250 LPH 0.25 kg 30 Ltrs Cummins NT 495, C Series, Volvo B 7R, FM 9, FH 12, CAT 3306, 3406
SCC 050 400 LPH 0.5 kg 60 Ltrs Cummins NT 743 / 855, KT 1150, Detroit 60, CAT 3412
SCC 100 750 LPH 1 kg 110 Ltrs Cummins VT 1710, KT 2300, Komatsu 6D 170, CAT 3508
SCC 100 x2 1500 LPH 2 kg 300 Ltrs Cummins KTA 3067, KTA 50 G3, 3512
SCC 600 4000 LPH 6 kg 3000 Ltrs Wartsila, Pielstick, MAN B&W, Sulzer, ALCO

For Industrial Application

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner removes very fine dirt from Oil up to 1 and below. Inside the Centrifuge a twin jet rotor rotating at speeds up to 7000 RPM, creates centrifugal forces 2000 times greater than gravity. This removes dirt and contaminants out of oil, which is deposited on the inner wall of the rotor as a thick layer. The collected dirt can be easily cleaned & the unit put back to use again.

Oil Cleaning Systems Nominal Flow Rate Dirt Holding Capacity Centrifuge Model Motor Pump
AWS 500 500 LPH ½ ltr SCC 050 1Ǿ, 0.5 HP 10 LPM
AWS 750 750 LPH 1 ltr SCC 100 1Ǿ /3Ǿ, 1 HP 20 LPM
AWS 1000 1000 LPH 1 ltr SCC 050 x 2 1Ǿ /3Ǿ, 1 HP 20 LPM
AWS 1500 1500 LPH 2 ltrs SCC 200 1Ǿ /3Ǿ, 1 HP 40 LPM
AWS 4000 4000 LPH 6 ltrs SCC 600 3Ǿ, 3 HP 80 LPM
AWS 5000 5000 LPH 6 ltrs SCC 600 3Ǿ, 5 HP 110 LPM
AWS 8000 8000 LPH 12 ltrs SCC 600 x 2 3Ǿ, 3 HP 225 LPM