Reactivated Oil Polishing Plant

In extension to the distillation output of base oil, ES offer of Reactivated Oil Polishing plant which is another innovation from oil regeneration process, this will further improve the quality of oil by improving oil colour and reducing acidity and absorbing fine impurity. The advantage of this process is the raw material, activated clay used for the polishing process can be reactivated over 300 times. This has substantially increase the life span of the activated clay from originally 1 weeks to 2 years

This give a lot saving in terms of

  • Weekly replacement cost of activated clay
  • Weekly disposal cost for the used activated clay
  • 5-8% of oil loss when replacing the new clay due to absorption
  • Weekly down time due to the material changes

  • All the above costing is saved to occurrence only once in 2 years with the Reactivated Oil Polishing Plant. With the input of this technology, the process cost per litre of base oil output become very low and resulting the ROI for the investment become viable and short.