Transformer Oil Filtration

Product Code: Transformer Oil Filtration

Transformer oil is widely uses in power supply industries such as power station, transmission station and substation. It serves as electrical insulation and cooling media in the transformer. As transformer oil easily absorbs moisture, its life span become short and it is always recommended to replace with new oil after one to two years for every transformer, regardless big or small. This has becoming a heavy maintenance cost.

Our Transformer Oil Treatment equipment is designed specifically for the oil filtration, dehydration and degassing of the insulation oil used in transformers, electric cables, switch gear etc. This equipment is designed with on line features that able to process oil at life transformer.


Transformer oil will recover with good dielectric qualities and minimum residual moisture (water) content after the process.

  Before Oil Process After Oil Process
Dielectric Strength 20KV >60KV
Moisture Content 100ppm 5ppm
Gas Content by Vol 10% 0.1%
Particle Contaminant Many big particle Below 1 micron
Our Transformer Oil filtration plant available from 50 LPH to 24000 LPH, cater for all sizes of transformer requirement. On line Moisture Tester can be installed as optional items. 
Our plants are widely use to on line cleaning transmission and distribution transformers, in Malaysia for TNB and railway at KTM. It also exported to other countries for similar purpose.