Vacuum Impregnation Plant

Product Code: Vacuum Impregnation Plant

Vacuum impregnation is the most important process for electrical insulation. We design and manufacture the 'Vacuum pressure impregnation plants' suitable for all types of impregnation viz. Varnishes, oils, Expoxy resins etc. The plants are useful for impregnation of LT/HT motors, Generator coils, HV motors, Traction motors etc.

The Plants are designed for semiautomatic and automatic operation are complete with:
  • Resin storage tank with heating and cooling plant
  • Resin degassing systems
  • Resin hardener mixing systems, dosing systems
  • Resin Impregnation vessels with bayonet locking
  • Dry air unit
  • Control panel with instrumenttation suitable for PLC or PC based operation as required
Optional Accessories:
  • Fully automatic PLC control
  • Hydraulic Lid lifting & tilting arrangement
  • Bayonet clamping system
  • Temperature recorder
  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • Nitrogen Gas manifold
  • Heatless air dryer
  • Pendent control
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plants for:
  • Dry type Transformer
  • HT Coil for Automobile Equipments
  • Motor and Generators
  • Ballast