Electrostatic Oil Cleaning

Product Code: Electrostatic Oil Cleaner

We are one of the leading suppliers for this equipment in Asia.
It is applicable to use in all types of mineral oil cleaning such as hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, turbine oil, transmission oil, thermo oil, gear oil etc. in various industries.
Unlike the traditional method using filtration, this equipment use electrostatic technology to extract all sizes of insoluble contaminants from the oil. The extraction of particle can be as small as 0.01 micron meter. This effectively removes fine particle / soft contaminant / varnish from oil, which cannot be removed by any fine filter. With this, it is able to solve most mechanical problem developed from oil such as control valve jammed, pump high noise, bearing wear etc. 
Our equipment is also installed with dehydration cell which will help to remove moisture from oil, during cleaning in progress. With the continuous operation, our machine can clean oil to a condition that cleaner than new oil, which is NAS 4-5 standard.
Industries that are installed with this system are plastic moulding, hydraulic press, aviation, construction machinery, turbine in power plants,  aluminium / non ferous extrusion, plywood hot press, servo control hydraulic system, leather processing, shoe making, mining equipment, automobile industries, steel industries, sugar mill and semi conductor industries.
In addition to supply of electrostatic oil cleaner for any production line for oil cleaning requirement, we also provide a series of training for Oil Maintenance Program for our customers. With this combine effort, the oil is not only cleaned, its chemical content is also been monitor and maintain. Our customers are able to enjoy long term saving by "No More Oil Change" and reduction in oil system problems.
Electrostatic Oil Cleaner, has proven to be most effective way in modern oil management. It is international widely use now.



Model Selction Guide

Model Size (mm) Oil Flow (LPM) Weight (KG)
CDOC - 08 580 x500x760 3 70
CDOC - 25 700x750x1100 5 120
CDOC - 50 780x830x1100 10 135
CDOC - 110 880x860x1100 15 /20 180
CDOC - 250 1350x1110x1225 40 with varible mode 300


Comparison with Filter and Electrostatic Oil Cleaner 

Mechanical Filter Electrostatic Technology
Remove minimum 5 micron insoluble Remove up to 0.01 micron insoluble ( 500 times smaller particle are able to remove)
Not able to remove varnish which is less than 2 micron ( soft contaminant) Able to remove varnish - solve valve stiction problem
Not able to reduce acid value due to fine oxidized particle is Not removed Reduce acid value of the oil due to fine oxidized particle will be removed by electrostatic force
Not able to remove moisture Remove moisture up to 5000ppm
Able to achieve NAS 5 ( sometimes) Able to achieve NAS 5 ( always)
Filter life span short, high replacement cost Collector life span long
Not able to preserve oil quality ( acid, fine contaminant and moisture content are not treated) able to preserve oil quality ( acid, all type insoluble particles, water are removed, while viscosity and additive not affected)
Improvement on machine not obvious Improvement on  machine can be visible
Generate sparkling charges when clog, high temperature which encourage oil oxidization No pressure in system, no affect of oil quality