Disc Type Centrifugal 3 Ways Separator

Product Code: Disc Type Centrifugal 3 Ways Separator



The disc-type centrifugal separator is 3 way separation design. It able to separate sludge, water and oil in one and continuous process. It is design for meeting Marin Centrifugal Oil Separator standard which is mainly used for the purification of the heavy fuel oil in the ship, DX series can effectively remove water and impurities from the oil, play a role in the clarification and purification, reduce operating costs and extend the life of the engine.

This machine can be applied to heavy diesel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, sludge water clarification and purification to achieve sludge, oil and water separation.

This machine can also be applied to other areas of non-homogeneous suspensions or emulsions, separation based on differential of specific gravity can also be used in Medical Industries, Food Processing industries, Chemical industries etc.

Optional items: Build in Heater, Auto sludge Discharge Features, semi auto, fully auto with PLC touch screen, explosion proof requirement.


1. An ultra-high speed separator to the continuous separation of solid impurities and moisture from the pending purification medium.
2. Automatic trash/desludging, continuous and efficient
3. Efficient new heating system, high efficiency, uniform heating.
4. Integrated multi-system, the operation is simple, safe and reliable.
5. Models of the design, manufacture and acceptance comply with the disc separator standard GB/T5745-2002 "marine"

Working principle:

Depending on viscosity of liquid, it can be first heated to certain degree in our heater system, then the liquid will direct to our Disc Drum which is spinning at ultra high speed rotation, the different density of the liquid and liquid or liquid and solid will be separating based on its differential density under the effect of strong centrifugal force into a circular annular shape, the maximum density of the solid particles will be divert outward movement and accumulate in the drum circumferential wall, the light phase liquid in the innermost layer. Drum disc is divided into a number of thin-layer separation space, thus greatly reducing sedimentation distance, improve and increase the separation effect. Any particles reaches the disc inner surface can be separated out by the centrifuge force. Finally, oil will be discharged out through the light-centripetal-outlet point, water discharge out through the heavy-centripetal-outlet point, and the particles discharged through the Sludge discharging outlet point, once the self -desludging is activated.


Index Unit DX-1500 DX-2000A DX-3000A DX-4000A
Flow Rate L/H 1500 2000 3000 4000
Seperating-Factor/ G Force a/g 12094 9040 10376 8807
Running speed rpm 8300 7300 8280 6300
Minimum Particles Size μ 2   1  
Free Water content % ≤1      
Power Supply     415V, 50HZ, 3PH    
Motor Power kW 4 4 8 8
Heater Power kW 24 24 30 36
Total Power kW 28 28 38 44
Sludge-discharge   Manual   Automatic  
Outlet Pressure MPa ≤0.2      
Weight Kgs 450 480 850 900
Dimension mm 1000*750*1100 1100*850*1100 1000*700*1100 1200*900*1200