About Us

Enlightened Summit Sdn Bhd (ES) commenced operation in the year 2000. In line with the global green environmental policy for reducing industrial waste disposal, ES focus on providing total solution in Recovery Used / Waste Industrial Oil for customers, either in small scale or big refinery requirement.

The industries ES served are very diversify, namely power generation industries, power distribution industries, railway, airline services, plastic moulding, aluminum extrusion, metal working, chemical, sea port, transport, rubber, cable, tire, oil refinery plant, automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic industries. With the inclusive of their new range of product, Hydromaz Water Treatment System, ES extend their services to hotel and commercial complex.

The well diversified markets are in line with ES corporate vision; spending most effort in research and development for the latest technology in oil purification and oil recovery system. Through the years of experience and research, ES has been able to recommend the right types of equipment and solutions for many satisfied customers, who eventually enjoy substantial saving in their operation and cutting down disposal of waste oil.

This year, beyond the list of oil purification services, ES also extended their field to:-
  1. Oil testing
  2. Oil Quality Replenishment (additive and viscosity replenishment), which provide a complete solution in meeting customer needs for total oil maintenance.

ES is the 1st company in this region to provide the oil maintenance services to this extend. ES has always been the customers preference partner because their work does not limit to oil cleaning solution. They also provide technical consultation for any oil related technical issue, helping customer to identify the root cause and solving problems in effective way. Besides, ES also provide contract oil cleaning for those customers who intend to outsource the oil cleaning works periodically.
Since its inception, ES professionally approach for multiple technologies in oil purification equipment and oil maintenance programs to ensure them a line of renowned customers of various industries from many countries. Up to today, we have served globally for many large industries located in China, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. 

Over few hundreds companies enjoy great cost saving in oil waste disposal with our oil recovery program and system. Some of them are as follows:- 
  1. GLC Companies : TNB, KL Airport Service, KTM. 
  2. MNC Companies : Sony, Panasonic, Molex, Mattel, Continental, Flextronics, Hitachi. 
  3. PLC Companies : Press Metal, VS, TongHeer, PA Extrusion, LB Aluminium, Amsteel, Westport, Northport, Singapore Port (PSA) etc.
We also provide oil cleaning solution to almost 80% of power plants in Malaysia (both privately and government owned).